Superior Guest Service Teamwork: Giving the Guest, the Best

Superior Guest Service Teamwork: Giving the Guest, the Best

Last Thursday, 31st of August 2017, the class of the hospitality management (HM) strand attended an hour talk from the director of corporate rooms-operations, Mr. Jude C. Medida of Shangri La Resorts and Hotel with regards to ‘SUPERIOR GUEST SERVICE TEAMWORK: Giving the Guest, the Best’. Stories from his work and personal experiences were shared and as well as practical and applicable life lessons. He mostly gave information and lectures about what to expect and the reality when working in the hospitality industry. Proceeding to the main topic which was giving the guest, the best, we learned that it is not only important to achieve your customers’ satisfactory needs but it is also important that you go over their expectations. At some point, he then asked the audience if they have their dreams, having that said, he then introduced to us the acronym ‘R E A C H’. This acronym would apparently help us achieve our dreams and/or help us become successful managers in the future once we step in on the industry itself.

He also emphasized that this does not only help you when it comes to your work but as well as you in a personal matter. R stands for Respect, the speaker told us to respect our superiors at work and outside of work. E – Energy, Mr. Medida told us that we should always give a positive energy. When aiming for promotions our energy should always give a positive and agreeing vibe. A – Attitude, when achieving one’s dreams he told us to check our attitudes. He told us a story about one of his subordinates trying to get a promotion. He explained that his subordinate’s attitude was lazy and he wasn’t disciplined with his actions or work. C – Commitment, he told us that as future hoteliers that we should be committed to our work. We should always give one hundred percent to our service. H – Humble, and lastly he told us that we should always remember that we should be humble and not brag about our positions.

Superior Guest Service Teamwork: Giving the Guest, the Best

In conclusion, Mr. Medida reminded us that when reaching for our dreams that we should always remember the acronym ‘REACH’ for it will help us do a better job with our work in the future. In his talk he always reminded us that, as future hoteliers, we should always give the best service to our customers or guests for they are who we serve. The speaker and the event gave us a taste of the industry and how it works beyond the books and theory that our lecturers give us. 

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