ICHM Principal Dr. George Brown of Adelaide, Australia visits SISFU 

September 24, 2019

Dr. George Brown, the Principal of the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM), Adelaide, Australia visited SISFU from Sept. 14-19, 2019.
While at SISFU, Dr. Brown completed the Annual Partner Audit for SISFU's delivery of the ICHM Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management Programme.

He also conducted full-day faculty training on Teaching Plans, Philosophies, Assessment, and Pedagogy to align competencies and met with students.
In addition, Dr. Brown also met with prospective students at the Inter-Ed Career Fair where thousands of Senior High School students learned more about potential colleges, career paths, and life paths.

ICHM is the No. 1 rated Hotel School in Australia, the only hotel school in Australia that is part of the Swiss Hotel Association (the world's oldest hospitality body), and is an entity of Charles Darwin University, one of the top universities in the world.

SISFU is privileged to deliver ICHM's innovative Hospitality programme giving students the option to complete a Bachelor's Degree in just 3 years, or study at SISFU for two years and then in ICHM Australia for another 2 years, giving students the opportunity to study, a chance to apply for a 2 year Work Visa, and live in Australia during their degree and for two years after graduation.

ICHM at SISFU will jumpstart your dream International Hospitality Career.  

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