SISFUN 2023 Day 1

As the sun rose over the SISFU campus, the air was filled with a buzz of excitement and anticipation for SISFUN Day 1! Students and staff had gathered in the SISFU gym, clad in their team colors, ready to compete in a day of athletic challenges!

Amidst the missed opportunities and events during the pandemic, the enjoyment and energy of the SISFU community echoed across the gym as a group of friends huddled together while strategizing and preparing for the event ahead. The whole day was packed with exciting activities, ranging from typical party fun games such as balloon popping and catching the tail to active games such as dodgeball.

Everyone can agree that the best part of Day 1 were the basketball and volleyball matches between the teams—Golden Griffins, Maroon Dragons, Blue Titans, and White Foxes. The Maroon Dragons were triumphant as they were the champions of the basketball court, while the cheers from the crowd of the Blue Titans roared as they won the overall volleyball tournament.

Indeed, it was a fun-filled Day 1 of SISFUN, but the excitement doesn’t end here—there’s more to look forward to on Day 2! Let’s keep the momentum going, continue to support one another, and bring your A-game, Paladins!




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