Special Treat for Principals and Guidance Counsellors

To show appreciation for the hard work and commitment our partner principals, guidance counsellors, and school officers deliver to quality education, SISFU organized a nourishing special treat over lunch and a seminar last May 6, 2023 at Bistro Lima. This initiative has been our yearly effort to ensure that we continue to build rapport and create transformative contributions together in the academic landscape.

Ms. Aileen Fulgencio, our SHS Principal, and Ms. Lorna Gamboa, Student Affairs and Services Coordinator, welcomed all guests from different schools with enthusiasm as they gave a brief background of the event. This energy was seconded by SISFU’s President, Dr. Melva Diamante, and SISFU’s Director of Communications, Mr. Daniel Steel when they took the stage to extend their gratitude to everyone who generously carved out time for this occasion.

As a holistic approach to this enriching activity, SISFU invited Ms. Tala Alzona, Co-Founder and Child Play Coach of Reinventing Play (Re-Play), to discuss the “Power of Mindfulness.” This was an interactive session that required the participants to write down their reflections. She delved into the common interests and issues of educators, the science of mindfulness, mindfulness in education, and the importance of self-care. To end the programme activities, the hosts livened up the crowd with gifts and prizes.

This event was a great reminder for everyone to reconnect with themselves and others through introspection and genuine interaction. We hope that this was able to renew the determination of our education advocates and that they were refuelled to create a difference in the lives of the youth.




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