Shumaes Rasheed

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - SISFU Alumni - Shumaes Rasheed
"Don't be content with where you are; keep believing that you'll achieve greater things." All the SISFU activities and events keep us students busy but, what keeps the alumni of SISFU busy? I had the chance to interview an alumnus of SISFU, who has found his road to success and is currently working on a dream job as he has mentioned in the interview.

His name is Shumaes Rasheed;he graduated with Master of Business Administration in HRM; Bachelors of arts degree in Business & International Marketing; Diploma in Advertising & Public Relations Management; and Advance Diploma in International Business. Shumaes was involved in Student Council activities and was once the Student Council President.

Shumaes and this three younger brothers are true-blue SISFU graduates and student. The first three have already graduated with degrees and MBA in their respective courses, while the youngest is about to finish. When I asked about how he saw himself in the future while still a student and now, he said, “While studying, I really enjoyed the chance to practice what we learnt in case studies and presentations that simulated the real business world. So, I was really looking forward to  start working, yet I didn't want to finish with just a Bachelors degree. I wanted to enter the work arena with a Masters as well. Where I am today is exactly where I wanted to be when I was studying.” 

After graduation, Shumaes went back to Maldives, his home country. Asked about what he had done after his studies and what significant difficulties he faced, he mused, “I wanted to get as much experience as possible to get to where I wanted to be; hence, I initially did some work on per project basis for a local advertising agency in the Maldives. I was then soon offered a permanent job by them where I got to experience working with a number of local and international clients. I worked in that ad agency for over five years in a Managerial position. The difficulties mostly were adapting what we learnt to real life. Not everything that we study in theory can be applied in real life. Sometimes we need to think outside the box and be creative. It's all about using what you have learnt as a springboard to solving the problems and overcoming the challenges.” 

His interesting experiences after his studies at SISFU made me curious to ask about the impact of the school on his career path. Shumaes said, “I joined Sheraton Hotels & Resorts mid last year as Marketing Communications Manager for Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa. It had been a dream of mine for a long time to work with an international chain such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts which has over 1000 hotels worldwide. That's why I enjoy my work a lot and I'm pushing myself to learn and experience more to be a Director of Marketing Communications/Corporate Communications one day. My education in SISFU aided me greatly. Where I am today wouldn't have been possible were it not for what I learnt and also for the inspiration I got from the lecturers.” 

Based on Shumaes' success after graduation at SISFU, I am confident that success likewise awaits every SISFU graduate. I asked him if he had any advice for future graduates who will read about his accomplishments, and he said these wise parting words, “Don't be content with where you are; keep believing that you'll achieve greater things.”