Jasred Hope T. Bargan

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - SISFU Alumni - Jasred Hope T. Bargan


Bachelor of  Business Administration Major in Marketing
Marketing Staff
Gameclub (GB Play, Inc.)


How has SISFU helped in my career?

I entered SISFU not knowing fully well what my course was going to be. All I know was that I needed to know how to promote a certain product through different means and channels. SISFU was very supportive and really helped me look deeper in what I was studying.  Without even knowing it, I was already having so much fun and I’m continuing to learn more of what Marketing was all about. I am now applying all that I learned in SISFU in my present work.

What am I currently doing at work?

I am currently a Marketing Staff of Gameclub (GB Play Inc.) and I handle Public Relations, Social Media, and Market Research. I work alongside Mocha Girls and different photographers and DJs in different events.

What is my advice to current/future students?

Make sure that the career /goal that you want to achieve will not be treated purely as work but also as fun and second nature to you so that you will not feel the stress but feel the satisfaction in what you are doing. It is all a matter of perspective. Look at the good side of things and not dwell on the negativity.