Australia Pathway

Australia Pathway

Culinary Institute at SISFU

Australian Pathway

2 Years Study On-Campus

6-Month Practical Work Experience

Students Earn:

  • Pearson Higher National Certificate in Hospitality Managements
  • Pearson Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management - Culinary Arts Track
  • Culinary Arts - Pearson Assured
  • NCII Cookery
  • ServSafe Foodhandler Certificate
  • Culinary Institute of America - ProChef Certificate
  • On Graduation, students qualify for highly paid roles in Australia - $60,000 AUD/yr

    There is huge unmet demand for Culinary professionals in Australia. This is a path to residency.


    TESDA Pearson Subjects
    1. Introduction to Culinary Arts Unit 1: Contemporary Hospitality Industry
    2. Basic Culinary Arts Unit 2: Managing the Customer Experience
    3. Introduction to Pastry Arts Unit 3: Professional Identity and Practice
    Unit 4: Hospitality Business Toolkit)
    Unit 5: Leadership and Management for service industries
    Unit 10: International Gastronomy
    Unit 11: Creative Patisserie and Artisan Bakery
    Unit 13: Work Experience
    Unit 18: Research Project
    Unit 19: Hospitality Consumer Behaviour and Insight
    Unit 20: Hospitality Supply Chain Management
    Unit 21: Menu Development, Planning and Design
    Unit 22: Creative Kitchen Management
    Unit 23: Food Innovation
    Unit 24: Diet and Nutrition