Online Blended Learning

 Online Blended Learning

A learning programme built around your life and work

SISFU partners with UK universities and educational institutions to offer you the best of relevant European business education - without you having to leave home. With a UK diploma, you can widen your access to career prospects.

Online Blended Learning at SISFU is an online and distance learning course tailored to help you meet the demands of your work whilst developing you as a professional. Your tutors work with you at your own time, pace, and convenience.

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Message from the Program Director

Mr. Jose Leopoldo Anoche

You’re on your way to getting your College Diploma!

A diploma may just be a piece of paper that we hang on our wall, but it symbolizes a key to a bright future. It unlocks the door to a career and a job you will enjoy.

This special key is a Diploma in Business (UK). It leads to the career opportunities that you have been dreaming of. Now is the time to turn that dream into a reality.

SISFU Online Blended Learning (OBL) offers you a broad choice of business courses in Management, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. You will experience work-based learning, supported with committed mentoring and assistance to help you progress and succeed in your study and soon, to be an effective manager and leader.

Welcome to our community of motivated learners. Come on in and let the excitement begin!