Master of Business Administration

UK MBA within easy reach

The SISFU UK MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme provides each participant―especially those pursuing general management, finance, human resource management, marketing, entrepreneurship, or project management careers―a clear trajectory towards managerial and leadership excellence.

Every module eases the professional from a basic business or academic world-view to an advanced, applied and practical understanding of key aspects of business―all within a global context.


SISFU aims to provide professional work-related qualifications in a range of sectors. Also, to make each student conversant with key and contemporary business theories, as well as leading business trends.

BTEC Professional qualifications (Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership) are designed to meet a range of different needs. The qualifications offer:

  • Maximum flexibility with a range of different-sized Level 7 programmes
  • The opportunity to certificate smaller blocks of learning designed to motivate learners and encourage widening participation in education and training
  • Subjects that relate to the particular training and employment patterns in a sector
  • Subjects that may offer preparation for specific jobs when in employment
  • Opportunities for learners to develop skills that support career and professional development
  • Underpinning knowledge, skills and understanding linked
  • Programmes that can enable progression either to higher levels of study or to other courses at the same level of study.