School of Hospitality Management

School of Hospitality Management

SISFU School of Hospitality Management

Gateway for globally-competitive professionals

  • Students get the opportunity to develop and showcase their competencies, passion and competencies through a diverse set of assessment methods.
  • Students are assured of balanced learning―in the classroom, the workshop areas, and through internship arrangements with industry players.
  • Hands-on and outcome based learning combine with critical thinking to prepare the student for the rigors of employment in the lodging, culinary and food service, tourism and affiliate industries.

Why study Hospitality Management at SISFU?

  • A 3-year UK programme that delivers quality education to future hoteliers.
  • SISFU's hospitality programme employs state-of the-art tools and systems to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence required by the most demanding enterprises anywhere in the world.
  • International learning methods combine with theoretical and practical, hands-on training to develop well-rounded professionals who flourish under teachers with  extensive industry experience―while both mentors and students are monitored by experienced industry practitioners.
  • SISFU boasts of its graduates' high employability prospects owing to the programme's exacting standards of performance for students and the school's strategic partnerships with industry players.
  • Your first 2 years you study in SISFU while your Top-Up Year can be taken in Switzerland, Australia, or anywhere around the world at a university of your choice.
  • You will have options for paid internships, both locally and internationally.
  • During your work experience, you will undertake roughly 900-1000 hours of internship to prepare you for the demanding realities of the Hospitality Industry.