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Project Management

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SISFU Short Courses

In the past few decades, organizations have discovered something incredible: the principles that have been used to create enormous successes in large projects can be applied to projects of any size to create amazing success. As a result, many employees are expected to understand project management techniques and how to apply them to projects of any size.

The Project Management workshop will give you an overview of the entire project management process, as well as key project management tools that they can use every day. Working with project planning documents, such as needs assessments, risk management plan, and a communication plan will provide benefits throughout your organization in today’s uncertain business environment.


Module 1: Getting Started
Module 2: Project Integration Management
Module 3: Project Scope Management
Module 4: Managing Time
Module 5: Getting It All Done On Time
Module 6: Special Tasks
Module 7: Verbal Communication Skills
Module 8: Non-Verbal Communication
Module 9:Empowering Yourself
Module 10: The Team Of Two
Module 11: Taking Care of Yourself
Module 12: Wrapping Up

About The Speaker

A Strategic, Change and Program Management Consultant with over 30 years of extensive, international experience in planning and implementing large scale digital transformation projects. A Certified Management Consultant, a Master Project Manager, a Certified International Project Manager and a Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management, with hands-on, global experience in building and effectively leading culturally diverse teams. Successfully led the first election automation project using Optical Mark Reader technology in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao in 2008. Designed and managed the change management program “ARMM Election Automation Project: A Public Relations and Voter’s Education Campaign” which was awarded a Plaque of Recognition for its Community Engagement program by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines. It was also awarded the prestigious Philippine Quill Award of Merit in 2008. Managed a US$ 54M grant as part of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact. Program Director of “Register, File and Pay”, a Public Awareness Campaign for the Bureau of Internal Revenue that received the Gold Medal for Advocacy Communications given by the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines during its Araw Values Award in December 2014. Three time President of the Philippine Computer Society; and was a President of the Philippine Society of IT Educators, a Secretary of the Philippine Software Industry Association, a Founding Member of the Philippine eLearning Society and Founding President of the Multi-Media Users Group of the Philippines. Founding Chair of the PCS Information and Computing Accreditation Board, an internationally recognized body which accredits tertiary education ICT programs. in accordance with the Seoul Accord.

Investment Cost:

₱1200 (Regular Rate)
₱900 (Corporate Rate – 3+ Participants)
₱600 (Student Rate)