For over two decades, Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU) has hosted the Global Dimensions Olympiad (GDO) in partnership with The Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo. This competition’s aim is to gather outstanding students across the nation in search of SISFU’s next scholars.

In the first round of this competition, the top 20% of Grade 12 students from 29 participating schools took an academic examination last January 14, 2023. Six highest-ranking schools qualified to compete in the finals after ardently answering the test in the preliminary round.

The highly anticipated GDO finals was held at Luxembourg Hall last April 15, 2023. Students were expected to compete with their knowledge of Global Awareness, World Leaders and Figures, History, Economics, Geography, and Demography.

To kick off this event, Dr. Melva Diamante, SISFU’s President, welcomed the Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo and all attendees. She expressed her gratitude for the continuous support the Rotary Club has been providing to aid SISFU’s vision of providing educational opportunities to the brilliant Filipino youth.

The president of the Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo, Mr. Dennis P. Belmonte, called each school to give them a round of applause and to acknowledge their academic prowess and perseverance. He continued on to recognize the officers of the Rotary Club for their generosity and enthusiasm in funding activities that enrich different sectors of society.

To officially start the competition, the Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo presented the sealed set of questions to this year’s quizmaster, Mr. André Peter Estanislao. The participants were called on stage after the rules were thoroughly explained to gear up for the elimination round. All six schools challenged each other in three categories consisting of easy, moderate, and difficult questions with a corresponding point system.

The championship round was an intense battle between two final schools with only one point difference – Don Bosco School and Storyhurst Southville International School (SSIS) - Malarayat. After 5 complex questions that were 10 points each, SSIS - Malarayat emerged as the victor.

Easing the tension that built up after the competition, Faith Ison and Dean Daniel Santos of SISFU’s Cradle serenaded the crowd. This joyous energy was extended when The Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo initiated a bonus round of fun games with all the competitors, their supporters, and coaches. The non-academic questions hyped up the participants for each question they answered garnered them exciting prizes from the Rotary Club.

To formally present the winners of the GDO, the programme host and SISFU’s Director for Communications, Mr. Daniel Steel, announced the names of the schools and their respective rankings.

Champions: SSIC - Malarayat
Second Place: Don Bosco School
Third Place: Las Pinas City National Science High School
Fourth Place: SSIC - Batangas City
Fifth Place: Veritas Parochial School
Sixth Place: Chiang Kai Shek College

All students that were present as competitors in the final round were awarded a generous scholarship grant by SISFU ranging from 50% to full scholarships. This initiative was intended to support their further education as builders of the next generation.

Congratulations to all the participants! It’s always inspiring to witness students excel in academics. Because of this, SISFU commits to creating more and more pathways for learners to reach global opportunities that they can use to create a promising future for themselves and others.




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