KRA People Awards: The Paladins Stars

SISFU extends our heartfelt thanks to all the faculty and staff that graced Bistro Lima with their presence during another memorable KRA People Awards last July 14th. Entitled The Paladins Stars, the attendance of our employees definitely made the evening special and meaningful. Everyone’s enthusiastic participation was a wonderful opportunity for the institution to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of our talented team members.

Beyond the formalities of the awards, the evening allowed us to come together as a close-knit community and strengthen the bonds that make our workplace a thriving and supportive environment. The performances and games definitely added an extra layer of joy to the occasion as the genuine and friendly interactions contributed to the positive atmosphere and made the event all the more heartwarming.

We appreciate all the efforts of our attendees in taking the time to dress up according to the theme and for their willingness to set aside work to build the spirit of camaraderie as another school year comes to a close. This Employee Awards Night is a reminder to all our faculty and staff that they truly make a difference in our community and that their dedication and commitment to quality and true international education is the key to SISFU’s resounding success over the years!

Written by: Myrna Rulona

Edited by: Victoria Amante

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