From the Classrooms to the Boardroom: The Story of Carla Ravanes Higham

With each passing year, more and more students leave the halls of SISFU adding to the list of proud alumni that we are thrilled to call Paladins. As we celebrate the school’s 26th anniversary, it would be fitting to hear about the amazing journey of one alumnae and how SISFU has helped bring her to where she is today.

Carla Ravanes Higham, graduate of Batch 2007 International Business in Advertising and Public Relations is currently Integrator for CampusWell - a US-based health and wellness company which runs programs for colleges, universities, and high schools across the US and Canada. She is also an EOS Integrator and a journalist for The Manila Times. Through her 20 year career, she has achieved so much professionally which she partly credits to the student experience and valuable faculty relations she has formed in school. In a short interview, she shares how her years in SISFU made her realize her love for journalism, PR, and Marketing and how instrumental some key faculty members were along her path.

“... through the many things I experienced in SISFU, I saw myself grow mentally and emotionally. My professors, especially Miss Yay Olmedo and Miss Grace Chong, taught me life principles that I carry with me to this day. It was also the first place where someone truly saw me - Mr. Milevoi gave me the opportunity to be Editor-in-Chief of The Bridge. I've always loved to write but never thought I had the talent until that moment. It only takes one person to change the trajectory of someone else's life and for me that was Mr. Milevoi, I don't think I'd have the career that I have today if he didn't sow that seed in me almost twenty years ago.”

Her worthwhile school experience coupled with Carla’s hardwork, grit, and resilience has led her to where she is today. She advises upcoming graduates to “use this time to focus on yourself. It's so easy to get lost in what the world tells you but use this time to develop the inner strength you will need when you finish school. This goes beyond just getting a A+ on your paper - use this time to cultivate your inner world and develop a strong sense of self because this will get you far in life.”

We wish Carla even more success in the coming years! SISFU is proud to be with you in this journey. We hope you continue to touch many lives and inspire others with your amazing work.

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