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Saturday, July 9, 2022, Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities hosted the 5th Senior High School Commencement Exercises, at the SISC Luxembourg Hall, and via Zoom. The event was led by one of SISFU’s Senior High lecturers, Mr Rory Stephen Mansbridge, who served as the Master of the Ceremony for this solemn and hallmark of an event during the new normal.

The welcome remarks were given by SISFU President, Dr. Melva M. Diamante. Dr Diamante commended the graduates’ resiliency and adaptability through their virtual classes. She congratulated the graduates for their hard work and dedication and for successfully meeting their academic requirements thus finishing their dual programme. Dr Diamante finished off by expressing gratitude to the students’ parents for their support and guidance through the difficult times and to Ms Ailene Fulgencio for being attentive and caring toward the students.

Dr Nancy L. De Guia, Dean of Academics, introduced the Keynote Speaker for the event: SISFU Alumna, Atty. Exequiela Gonzalez. She related herself to the graduates – reminiscing about her sacrifice and dedication to working hard on her assessments and obtaining the diploma. She conveyed that there will be challenges they will encounter, but it will be a good reminder of the experiences and life lessons that one can learn and look back to. In her speech, she quoted: “Those who are more passionate and driven are more likely to succeed, than those who are intelligent.” This of which deeply resonated to the Senior High School Graduates. Before ending her speech, Atty. Exequiela Gonzalez reminded the graduates that these challenges are not hindrances to their goal, but rather it is what makes them stronger and wiser.

Following the speeches, the Presentation of Candidates for Graduation and Confirmation of Candidates for Graduation was announced by Mr Jonathan D. Borja, SISFU OBL Internal Verifier. While the Distribution of Diplomas was presented by the University Registrar and Admission Head, Ms Maria Ailene Q. Fulgencio and Dr Melva Diamante.

Selected graduates were also presented with academic awards such as Subject Excellence, Value of Excellence, SGEN Loyalty, and Leadership Awards. On top of those awards were the Special Academic Achievement and Academic Excellence Awards, presented by Dr Nancy L. De Guia, Dean of Academics, and Atty. Exequiela Gonzalez; and the final award, the President’s Merit Award—which is equivalent to Class Valedictorian—was presented by Dr Diamante to Danielle Anne P. Avendaño, who finished at the top of her class.

Communications, Strategies, and Innovation Director Mr Daniel William Steel gave a special citation to the graduate’s parents wherein, on behalf of the SISFU community, he recognised the parents’ sacrifice, support, and love. He was proud to give tribute to them for their immeasurable roles. During this, the graduates were given a heartwarming moment to thank and appreciate their parents.

Following the Pledge of Loyalty, recited by Zy Lovepreet G. Kumar, the final Farewell Speech was given by Danielle Anne P. Avendaño. On behalf of the class of 2022, she sincerely expressed her gratitude to the SISFU community and to the parents who supported and exerted their utmost effort that made their SHS worthwhile. A notable and inspiring parting message from her would be on the subject of friendships, and it’s deep importance, wherein she jovially quoted an advice from an American self-help author, Mark Manson: “To fall in love with the process, and the results will come after.” As they embark on to the new chapter of their lives, and more challenges will come their way, the experiences and life lessons from SISFU will hopefully help them face such challenges, as she had told in her speech. Danielle congratulated and wished her fellow graduates the best in their future endeavours.

To end the memorable event, the graduates performed their batch song, We’re All in this Together from High School Musical and sang the SISFU Hymn, with much fervour.

A huge congratulations to the Senior High School Class of 2022!

SISFU Reach Higher.
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