Ethel Anne Topacio’s Speech on Why She Chose SISFU

Good morning everyone, my name is Ethel Anne B. Topacio, a First Year Data Analytics student from SISFU's School of Digital Technologies. You may know me as EA, one of the students who gave a student testimony from last year's Open House.

As a 1st year student, I learned 5 essential components to help mold myself to become an ideal student. Maybe some of you have already heard it, but it's the 5Cs, which are commitment to achieve, competence, creativity, collaboration, and character. My advice to all future scholars is to utilize the 5Cs, not just in school but also in life.

Be committed to achieve, have a specific goal in mind and never lose sight of that goal. For example, my goal is to gain the necessary knowledge I need to be a leading technology professional. I do this by being the president in a student organization that specializes in Digital Technologies. By doing so I enhance my leadership skills and train myself for future work.

Be competent by working smart, especially with school papers. SISFU is more on writing papers rather than having exams, therefore starting early will help you be on track and prevent you from stressing a lot. Be creative, step outside your comfort zone and try new things. Use your great ideas by volunteering in school events. Not only will you build connections from being active in extracurricular activities but it also promotes collaboration.

And have character, be the best version of yourself. Honestly, before I studied in SISFU, I'd usually be one of those people who would be shy and shake whenever I had to talk in front of people. But in SISFU, I can definitely say that they teach you how to improve your people's skills.

So at the end of the day, why choose SISFU?

Choose SISFU to increase your credentials for future work potential, learn how to connect to different people to develop your communication skills, and lastly, you can be the best version of yourself by immersing yourself in an academic and supportive environment. Oh and a small very important detail to keep in mind, the food here in SISFU tastes great!

Once again, I am EA. And I hope to see you guys at SISFU next year! Thank you and goodluck with the exam!


Written by: Ethel Anne Topacio

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