Discover SISFU in Hong Kong: Justin Dionaldo

Discover SISFU in Hong Kong: Justin DionaldoJustin Dionaldo, 18, HND Business Management Second Year Student

How did you end up in Hong Kong?

My dad basically got a job, which required him to stay here in this city for a period of time. He used to stay here for 3 months or so, then fly back to the Philippines and stay for a while, then fly back. It's a cycle basically. So, then he got tired of that. He waited for me to finish second grade, then decided to make us all move here in Hong Kong. 


Are you excited for your second year?

I am both excited and scared for the second year. Scared because I've been told by the upperclassmen that work gets heavier by the second year. Then there's the excitement. I'm excited for the new memories and the new people that I will have and meet to be honest. My first year was pretty amazing. I'm hoping that that the second year would top that off.

Discover SISFU in Hong Kong: Justin Dionaldo

What TV show/series best resonates your life at SISFU? 

It's a mix really. Mainly Scrubs and Community would be the two shows that would probably be the best.

Discover SISFU in Hong Kong: Justin Dionaldo

Sorry, why do you say your first year was pretty amazing?

Well, being that we are talking about TV shows, my first year was like the first season if we were in a show. A show riddled with jokes, music, panicking. All that fun stuff. But honestly, the first term gave me this feeling of being home here in SISFU. Maybe that's why I found it so amazing.

Discover SISFU in Hong Kong: Justin Dionaldo

 Name a significant place in Hong Kong.

This city has its fair share of significant spots for me. One of them would be the promenade behind our estate. Now, this promenade is a normal trail where people can jog, cycle and practically workout while they enjoy the magnificent view of the Tolo Harbour. 

Now, imagine this – in front of you, a body of water stretching for miles long with lush green mountains just next to it (yes, it's not an accurate description I know, haha). 

Every time I took the bus from school to go home, I would specifically get off 2 stops before where my actual stop is to just enter the promenade, go to my usual bench that’s right next to the mini play park, play some melancholy or acoustic songs and just enjoy the sight of the sun as it sets down to the Tolo Harbour while the sky changes from blue to this vivid orange or red hue. 

This place is so significant to me because that's the only place here in Hong Kong where I can just settle down, enjoy the cool breeze and let my mind just run. Every sunset that I spend there gives me this sense of calmness and solidarity. This place is my little happy place whenever life just isn’t cooperating as well. If I had a terrible day, I'd sit down and make myself comfy.

Discover SISFU in Hong Kong


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