The World is at Your Fingertips: SISFU Hosts Virtual Open House 2021

By Darren Bautista

SISFU’s Virtual Open House took place on Saturday April 17, via Zoom. Led by SGEN Director of Communications, Mr. Daniel Steel, he started the Open House by speaking on SISFU’s early beginnings and its purpose, which is to offer transnational education in the Philippines. The school has a world class curriculum, with world class trained faculty.

Moving forward, the virtual audience heard from Dr. Neil Hart, Head of Transnational Education at De Montfort University, and Dr. Ian Thomas, Associate Dean, International for Faculty of Business and Law at De Montfort University. Dr. Hart gave information on DMU’s background, its cultural environment, their Sustainable Development Goals, and much more. Dr. Thomas spoke afterwards, explaining the courses that DMU offers through their partnership with SISFU and how they teach & administer assessments.

Next, Mr. Daniel Steel continued the event by briefing the audience about the Hospitality Management Programme. He broke down the courses that the programme offers, the internship options that can be chosen, and the alternative of finishing your final year at any partnered university.

Jonathan Borja, Professor at SISFU, then explained the Online Based Learning programme that the school offers. The OBL programme, also partnered with Pearson, UK, is perfect for working students who want to step away from the classroom and study at their own pace.

Chef Nikki Banzon followed after, who spoke about the Culinary Arts programme at SISFU. She pointed out previous activities that are tied with the programme, such as traveling across the country, special guest speakers, and outside learning.

To showcase what students can expect aside from academics, a video was shown presenting the student-led organisations that SISFU offers-- from performing arts, business-related clubs, and Student Council.

Further into the Virtual Open House, attendees were introduced to VOLT. Standing for Virtual Online Learning & Teaching, it was presented by Dr. Marjorie Tangong, VP for Academics & Research. She described how VOLT has been acclimated into SISFU learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the online event, current students and alumni gave testimonials relative to the programmes and courses that were presented. They talked about what they enjoy about their course, the things they learned that can be applied throughout their post-academic life, and how they have improved their character from the SISFU experience.

Mr. Daniel Steel ended the Virtual Open House by summarizing why one should pursue a degree or diploma from SISFU, while also thanking everyone for their time and investment towards becoming a part of the SISFU community.

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