The Paladins Thanksgiving Ball and Awards Night - A Night of Celebration and Recognition

The Paladins Thanksgiving Ball and Awards Night was an event to celebrate everyone’s hard work and commitment throughout the school year. This was also organized to commemorate the student leaders and their achievements. With a carefully crafted program, the evening promised an enchanting experience filled with inspiring speeches, captivating performances, and a grand celebration of excellence.

Mr. Jonathan Borja and Ms. Ailene Fulgencio of the Academics Department welcomed the esteemed guests with eloquence and charm as they emphasized the significance of this occasion. This was followed by the motivational opening remarks of SISFU’s President, Dr. Melva Diamante, which set the tone for the evening's celebrations.

To foster a sense of camaraderie, an interactive icebreaker activity hosted by Allyana Manantan and Jeremiah Cristobal engaged participants and created a lively atmosphere. This energy was carried over in the speech of Dr. Nancy De Guia, Dean of Academics.

Amidst dinner, the Service of Appreciation Awards were given to each student organization. This was followed by the Descriptive Awards, a recognition given to those who created student activities that received the highest rating, that showed the most improvement, and that embodies social responsibility. Students were also handed the Publicity Award, Paladin Spirit Award, and the President’s Special Citation.

Before continuing on with the awarding, Faith Ison serenaded all the attendees with her exceptional rendition of “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. The 5Cs Awards were then presented to a student organisation or individual who personifies the institutional values. The awards consisted of the character award, collaboration award, commitment to achieve award, creativity award,and competence award.

The event took a creative turn as the winners of the 25th Anniversary Video Competition were announced. Captivating and thought-provoking videos were revealed to the audience which also showcased their talent and originality. The winners for the individual category were Anika Sampelo, Lorenzo Miguel Viola, and Marc Kim Macasaet. For the school category: Ethel Anne Topacio, AJ Victoria, Chanel Abelardo, Andrew Bellas, Jeremiah Cristobal, Jay Visitation, and Ace Alchaeus Solis were awarded first place while Mearah Jane Sanchez, Dean Daniel Santos, and Lorenzo Miguel Viola won second place.

To show appreciation to Dr. Melva Diamante, Dean Santos performed in front of the audience which was followed by a speech by the Student Council President, Angela General.

As the evening progressed, the criteria-based awards were presented. These awards consisted of the most outstanding project, most outstanding member, student leader of the year, and student organisation of the year. Thereafter, Allyana Manantan sang in a symbolic moment as the outgoing leaders passed on the torch of responsibility to the incoming student leaders. The turnover represents the continuity of excellence and the belief in the potential of the next generation. Lastly, The Pre-Ball Awards was presented to the student who matched the superlative which was followed by the King and Queen of the Night.

Mr. Daniel Steel, SISFU’s Director for Communications, took the stage to deliver the closing remarks. He reflected on the night's celebrations, expressing gratitude to all participants, and emphasizing the impact of their accomplishments. With the conclusion of the official proceedings, attendees were invited to celebrate on the dance floor. The atmosphere was brimming with infectious energy and joy as participants flaunted their moves while forming lasting memories.




Article by Karianne Foo (SC Vice President for Communications)
Edited by Victoria Amante

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