W3 Achievement Day for SISFU’s Graduating Class of 2023

Winning in the Work World (W3) Accelerator Programme is a unit designed by Mr. Stephen Krempl, an internationally renowned HR practitioner, to empower students to effectively communicate and network. With the aim to enhance their confidence in their future workplace, this subject imparts learners with a deep understanding of the right behaviour and attitude required in various professional settings and situations.

After W3’s launch last March 23, 2023, graduating students from the School of Business, School of Hospitality Management, and Senior High School successfully completed the six comprehensive modules. This achievement was celebrated on June 6, 2023 through a recognition ceremony that highlighted the learning outcomes of students.

During the awarding, they individually introduced themselves using the Krempl guidelines. It was then followed by an engaging scenario-based exercise that challenged them to address difficult situations they may encounter and resolve at work.

As one of the first schools in the Philippines to offer this programme, SISFU continues to fulfill its role in providing guidance and opportunities for students to reach their full potential and lead successful global careers. We value the importance of continuous transformative education in the lives of our community.

Congratulations to all graduating students for completing the programme!




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