SISFU SHS Opens the New Academic Year Online

By Tram Panaligan & Darren Bautista

As the premier transnational education provider opened its Senior High School Department a few years ago, its goal was to provide dual qualifications for students enrolled under the ABM, HM, and GAS strands through its affiliation with the world’s largest learning company, Pearson.

The school takes pride in its readiness to deliver its Senior High School programme via online virtual classes --- with the safety of their students in mind --- through the utilisation of interactive teaching methods aided by the most engaging technological platforms, and, once the government permits, blended learning.

To get acclimated with the school’s diverse and vibrant culture, the university alongside its Student Council organised a three-day preparatory programme for Senior High School students. It was done digitally through Zoom held on August 12-14, 2020.

This event is considered to be the best time to get to know a little more about their peers and a glimpse of the SISFU community. With an astounding 100% attendance, it was a good way to start the academic year.

For the first part of the session, new students were introduced to the passionate SISFU community headed by the respective academic heads, along with the administration staff. In addition, a brief orientation regarding the school's history, discipline, and adherence to school requirements was given.

SHS Students also got to meet their respective lecturers for the first semester of the Academic Year, as well as brief academic orientation which were delivered by SHS Programme Head, Mrs. Maria Ailene Q. Fulgencio, and SHS Administrative Staff, Mr. Jovit John Troy C. Clutario.

Day 1 concluded in excellent fashion when select students from Senior High School gave their Welcoming Message. Alumni and VP for SW and Academics, Trixie Amora and Grade Twelve SHS (Dual Qualifications) Student, Hershey Bulawin, shared their student life experiences as well as some tips on surviving Senior High at SISFU. In Trixie’s speech, she said that, “Leadership isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something that develops through time.” Hershey also gave the same enthusiasm, saying that the school year is going to be fun and to believe in yourself. Their overall key takeaway: everyone's here to help you out!

On the second day, students were given a more in-depth idea about SISFU through Dr. Jerry A. Aguilar, Vice-President for Academic Support and Marketing. He spoke about the need for the innate formation of school spirit among SISFU students, the important 5C’s (Character, Collaboration, Creativity, Competence, and Commitment to Achieve), the 3R’s (Responsibility, Respect, and Relationship), and of course there is no better way to show school pride than to join in and sing along to our empowering SISFU Hymn.

Dr. Marjorie G. Tangog, Vice-President for Academics and Research also discussed the value of Academic Rigour, Growth Mindset, and Grit. This is key in the development of a SISFU student during their studies as the school takes pride in the ability of its learners to think critically and to consistently produce top-calibre work.

Mr. Ernie Magno talked about the role of Student Affairs to the growth and interpersonal development of students through the means of joining school sponsored activities and student organisations, finding the right friends, time management, and staying up-to-date with the latest announcements and news as the life in SISFU is about the warm and tight knit culture present in its community.

More select students gave their Welcoming Message. SHS Alumna, Christine Marion Heredero (ABM - Dual Qualifications), and Grade 12 HM (Dual Qualifications) Student, Denise Marie Lim, shared their student life experiences as well as some tips on surviving Senior High at SISFU. In Denise’s speech, she puts value on taking down notes from both the lectures delivered and the additional insights given by the professors. Christine, with a very upbeat vibe, mentioned the value of making friends. Their overall key takeaway: enjoy every moment of your stay in SISFU.

Day 2 ended on a high note as the new students got the chance to know each other better with their fellow colleagues through the Student Hour which included icebreakers, games, and peer mentoring in digital breakout rooms.

The third and final day of the Preparatory Programme consisted of two important things: a seminar from Dr. Michael Jimenez and the closing remarks of Ms. Ailene Fulgencio.

As a registered psychologist, Dr. Michael Jimenez has been contributing to SISFU for a few years now. However, his presentations on mental health never lack important messages and tips to help students get through their young, and even future, lives. Something always memorable from Dr. Jimenez are his four components to follow: purpose, positivity, productivity, and resilience. It was great for the Senior High School students to hear the presentation, especially though the difficult times.

Ms. Ailene Fulgencio wrapped up the SHS Student Preparatory Programme, giving thanks to all the volunteers, the Student Council, and of course the new students for being a part of a hallmark event.

The new Senior High Students definitely felt the warm and nurturing environment SISFU takes pride of. They had a good view of what to expect in the next few years. The strong friendships, fellowship, and camaraderie, have officially cemented the new Senior High School students into the SISFU family.

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