Partnerships with Purpose Symposium at De Montfort University

This year, De Montfort University (DMU) strengthened its international partnerships with a symposium on "Partnerships with Purpose”. It was a resounding success as it brought together a diverse group of participants, including DMU personnel, Transnational Education (TNE) partners, and esteemed external speakers from the UK Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and the Department for Business and Trade.

This engaging two-day event served as a platform for TNE activities through fruitful interactions, cooperation, and knowledge-sharing among partners from different parts of the globe. A wide range of TNE-related topics was covered that provided partners with valuable insights and a clearer vision of the direction their collaborations can take.

One of the symposium’s key areas of focus that received considerable attention was DMU's International Strategy. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into the various aspects of this strategy, gaining a deeper understanding of DMU's global aspirations and the role partnerships play in achieving those goals.

In conclusion, the DMU symposium on "Partnerships with Purpose" delivered a rich and comprehensive experience that united stakeholders in the field of TNE. The convention cultivated fruitful discussions and also ignited a renewed passion and motivation among participants to deepen our shared purpose. Addressing vital topics such as DMU's International Strategy, sustainability integration, and global research opportunities, assured all partners of our continued hand-in-hand approach to education.

SISFU nurtures its efforts to maintain our place as the prime institution of transnational education in the Philippines. As we continuously address the gaps in the world’s academic sector, we aim to globalize students’ learning experiences and outcomes that would, in turn, contribute to the growth of our society. The challenge of providing access to true quality international education is aided through partnerships and activities like this as we overcome through innovation and collaboration!

Article by Dr. Nancy De Guia (Dean of Academics)

Edited by Victoria Amante

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