Nas Harrison of De Montfort University visits SISFU

Nas Harrison of De Montfort University visits SISFU

Hailing from Leicester, De Montfort University's (DMU) Nas Harrison came to visit Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU). Nas spent the week talking with our students and faculty sharing insights from our partner university. Moreover, she conducted a series of knowledge filled discussions on Customer Management and Technology in the Classroom.

20 March - During a session with SISFU's management, Nas talked about the importance of digital marketing in the industry as people heavily rely on getting their information online. She also discussed effective customer service strategies.

Nas Harrison of De Montfort University visits SISFU

21 March - With the SISFU students, Nas shared DMU's initiatives for providing studies with comprehensive international experiences. #DMUglobal aims to enrich studies, cultural horizons and to develop key skills valued by employers. She discussed the possibility of DMU students spending some weeks at SISFU in 2018.

Nas Harrison of De Montfort University visits SISFU

22 March - Nas being a Marketing lecturer, SISFU's Marketing students under DMU were fortunate to have had her take over one of their classroom sessions for their Customer Management subject.

23 March - Nas prepared an interactive session for the SGEN faculty. She put emphasis on providing the participants with insights on how technology should be maximized in the classroom.

Nas' aread of expertise include Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Customer Management, which she teachers in the business undergraduate degrees at DMU. She also leads the Retail Marketing module. The DMU BA Business Administration degree programme is delivered at SISFU.

In 2016, DMU awarded none of our very own Business Administration students with the highest honours in Management and Marketing streams for their excellent work during their final year in college.


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