Global Dimensions Olympiad 2020: The Search for SISFU Scholars

By: Tram Panaligan & Lorenzo Inciong

The Global Dimensions Olympiad 2020: The Search for SISFU Scholars, the famed annual quiz bee of SISFU, was held in Luxembourg Hall on March 7th, 2020. The competition, organised by SISFU in partnership with the Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo, exists to search for the best and the brightest students to join SISFU with scholarships up to 100% all in a fun-filled, competitive format that tests participants minds, teamwork, and grace under pressure.

This year, eleven schools with their respective representatives and coaches across different regions and cities in the Philippines joined the final round of the event.

The quiz bee revolved around current events, general information, politics, science, maths, and history. It consisted of two grueling semi-final rounds that grouped the schools into 2 clusters, namely A & B, and a blistering final round that reduced the teams from twelve to five according to their place in the semi finals.

SISFU’s very own student, Janine Teñoso, serenaded the audience with her latest single, “Umiibig Muli” and several other hit singles to thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

After three rigorous and closely fought rounds, Chiang Kai Shek College was crowned as this year's champion bagging the 100% scholarship grant! Las Piñas High School Talon placed second followed by Las Piñas Science High School in third place with a grant of 75% and 50% scholarship respectively. With cries of triumph and tears of joy, the winning teams relished their victories. All participants earned scholarship grants at SISFU for placing in the Final round and got to enjoy a surprise, cash-prize round open to all including our very own SISFU scholars, who had the opportunity to participate in the Fun Round, together with the eleven schools, and earned prizes courtesy of Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo.

Congratulations to all the participants for giving their best throughout the event!

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