Mini Feature: International Museum Day 2023 at Ayala Museum

The Ayala Museum organized an event for International Museum Day last May 20, 2023 with a global theme of "Museums, Sustainability, and Well-being." This is an annual educational programme in collaboration with the Arts and Culture Division of Ayala Foundation, Inc. (AFI) that includes activities and exhibitions. This year SISFU was invited as one of the museum’s partners to showcase our world-class and transformative education.

Hundreds of guests supported this initiative as the Ayala Foundation gave free access to the public. With the nine onsite Philippine art and culture displays, the museum served as an entertaining and healing venue for all attendees. They were able to observe cultural objects, take a peek at the Filipinas Heritage Library, and see Agos Kulay Group create live art in front of models.

It was an honour to be chosen as one of the Ayala Museum’s partners for this yearly initiative. We look forward to the growth of cultural and artistic awareness in the country through education and other recreational ventures!


#International Museum Day 2023 at Ayala Museum


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