SISFU-Southville Student, Alyanna Flores, Graduates from De Montfort University, UK

SISFU congratulates Alyanna Flores, for graduating at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration. For some students, studying abroad may turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. They can experience life and other cultures abroad for a long period of time and will eventually find a job and global experience.

After graduating, Alyanna devoted herself to tackling the challenges of the family business. “I am currently the International Purchasing Manager of the business. While I’m not busy handling the purchasing I help in doing the payroll, distribution of payrolls to all employees, do reports, check on the daily sales and many more.”

Now that Alyanna is hands-on with their family business, she has the chance to share everything she learned from her UK Degree at SISFU. “Nowadays, I am very engaged with our business. With the help of SISFU I was able to use it in the family business. I was able to share some knowledge of the things I learned to the employees of my mother. It had become a huge help for the business as well.”

SISFU is the only institution in the Philippines offering UK and Australian Degrees through its partners: De Montfort University, UK, the International College of Hotel Management, Australia, and Pearson, UK. With world-class instruction from internationally trained faculty, SISFU provides students with a university experience unlike any other in the country. With the UK and Australian curricula, lectures and workshops from visiting international faculty, and the chance to take international internships, study abroad at our partners, or graduate at their home campuses, SISFU offers a uniquely global experience for students.

SISFU offers international programmes with:

    De Montfort University, UK (DMU)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Business Management (Hons)
    International College of Hotel Management, Australia (ICHM)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Management (Hons)
    Pearson, UK
  • Online Blended Learning
  • UK MBA (Available Online or On-Campus)
  • Senior High School (Accelerated for UK or Australian Degree completion in just 2 years)
  • Culinary Arts

De Montfort University has been named Associate Member of the United Nations Department of Public Information, NGO, the only university so honored for its work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. DMU is the No. 1 University in the UK for Student Experience and has been awarded Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework. A modern, vibrant international university, DMU is leveraging their decades of leadership in transnational education to forge ahead in partnership with SISFU.

SISFU could not be more proud of our graduate, Alyanna Flores, taking the stage in the graduation ceremonies of De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. Her hard work and dedication have opened the world to her. SISFU is ready to usher the next generation of global leaders and champions onto the world stage.

“SISFU helped me learn new things that are very beneficial in the real world. It helped me understand the do’s and don’ts in the business world, the realities of the world of business. SISFU has guided me to be a better, more successful person in the future.”

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