DMU Enhancement Week - The Modern Workforce with Jesse Divinagracia Jr.

November 9, 2018 – Sharing his experience and expertise in the fast-changing work environment, Jesse Divinagracia Jr., Head of Operations at Streamtech Systems, engaged SISFU’s 3rd year undergraduate DMU students on their place in the modern workforce.

Jesse Divinagracia Jr.

Mr. Divinagracia opened students’ eyes to their value and potential as they consider their career paths in today’s globally connected economy. SISFU’s students, earning a globally recognized degree from UK and Australian partner institutions, are in an ideal position to leverage their capabilities and versatility as they consider when and how to make a splash as they enter the hyper-competitive modern workplace. The workshop was part of SISFU’s DMU Enhancement Week held in Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities, the pioneer in transnational education in the Philippines.

Companies worldwide are scrambling to join the Big Data revolution and business analytics is at its heart. Once again, SISFU students lead both nationally and globally, earning their reputation as career-ready professionals to be.

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