Press Towards the Goal: Featuring Rizza Lana Sebastian of IO Innovative Outcomes Corporation

by Tram Panaligan

Maria Teresa Angela Lana Sebastian, more commonly known as Rizza Lana Sebastian, is a woman who constantly molds herself to be the best version that she can be. Currently, she is the CEO of IO Innovative Outcomes Corporation, which is a conglomerate that started in 2017 that houses several Metro Manila-based brands such as Lana PH (an all-natural skincare and zero-waste lifestyle brand), Mink (an intimate skincare line), Talaala (a jewelry line), Whim Manila (a customisable sticker and detail brand), and Ambush Clothing (a streetwear line). All of which have focused on bringing out the best version of each individual and promoting a sense of individuality while all being friendly to the environment and implementing sustainable business practices.

As a SISFU alumna, she graduated from the country’s premier transnational university with an Associate Diploma in Hospitality Management in 2008 under the international partner from Isle of Man, UK, IHMES International Hotel School. In 2014, she returned to continue her studies and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management under the international partner based in Adelaide, Australia, International College of Hotel Management.

During her time in the university, she shared both the things she loved and the challenges she faced as a student—both of which have strengthened and transformed her to the person she is today. As an academic scholar, she showed determination and passion to excel in class and work hard to achieve. She admired how her subjects solely focused on helping her prepare for the industry she was about to enter and how her classmates and professors—whom she really misses when SISFU is brought into the conversation—were supportive of her career as they helped her in every step of the way. Albeit the struggle of not having a personal laptop computer for her studies, she showed grit throughout the years by always finishing her assessments on time and ensuring that each assignment is completed with quality in mind. She was able to achieve this by doing her assignments at home and storing all the files she needs in a flash drive so she can continue to work on them.

SISFU has indeed helped and contributed to her success today because it is where she first learned the attributes of professionalism: being on time, dressing up for success, honing both her soft and hard skills, and making sure she submitted all her assessments and research work on time. In addition, the university inspired her to not only look up to her very own professors and mentors, but also to topnotch industry leaders who have already set examples to what success looks like. Until now, the wealth of knowledge she has acquired in her stay at SISFU has reflected through her excellent communication and people skills as the CEO of her company.

As we wrapped-up the interview, she ended with a few quips and tips to all the future graduates of SISFU and those who plan to pursue higher education there.

  • “Take up a course you like, not what your parents or your friends like.”
  • Work hard on your degree but make sure you also enjoy it while you’re at it. Make friends, build your connections, and enjoy the present.”
  • “It’s one thing that you choose a great school, but what you do with your education, paired with your habits, is what sets you apart.”

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