Rising To The Challenge: Building A Positive Disposition in Tumultuous Times

By Darren Bautista

Dr. Simon Hill, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise at Leicester Castle Business School, De Montfort University, held an online masterclass for a diverse audience including SISFU and DMU students, faculty, staff, and outside participants on “Maintaining an Effective Entrepreneurial Mindset in Turbulent Times.”

Dr. Hill shared his personal story as someone who, like all of us, has failed, but used his failures as turning points, learning from his struggles to reach his achievements. The fact that he does Ironman challenges (swimming, cycling, running) and is an endurance-athlete, was an example that pushing through discipline can help achieve anything. Through the struggles and failures of his past, Dr. Hill stated that he is comfortable and happy with his achievements now, and what can be achieved in the future.

The main part of Dr. Hill’s presentation focused on Entrepreneurial mindset and the Habits and Disciplines that come with it. With the Entrepreneurial mindset, he talked about the different characteristics of it, such as risk taking, decisiveness, and self efficacy. All successful entrepreneurs have different combinations of characteristics, so it is only a matter of finding where your strengths are and building from there. The concept of habits were also tackled, where Dr. Hill mentioned that they are made through years and years of practice and focus. The most difficult part of habits is being able to do them every single day, but positive habits pay positive dividends in the long run. The last topic at hand was the importance of discipline. Discipline is tied with Decisive Engagement, where you must embed yourself in a decision while also having a penalty (for leverage) if it is not completed. Staying disciplined is synonymous with staying analytical in your actions, and taking ownership in the situations that you are in.

Huge thanks to Dr. Simon Hill for sharing his expertise and giving an enjoyable session for SISFU students, staff, and others, on how to maintain an effective entrepreneurial mindset in these turbulent times and beyond.

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