SISFU attends special business breakfast with Her Majesty’s Ambassador Asif Ahmad

 SISFU attends special business breakfast with Her Majesty’s Ambassador Asif Ahmad

Special Business Breakfast with Her Majesty’s Ambassador Asif Ahmad – June 9th 2017.

As the 2017 elections unfolded in the UK, the British Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines held a farewell reception for the British Ambassador –Asif Ahmad, as he embarks on his new post by the end July.

Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU) was in attendance during the Special Business Breakfast with HMA Asif Ahmad, where he delivered an insightful and empowering farewell speech, highlighting the growth of the UK-Philippine relations throughout the years.

HMA Asif was appointed Ambassador to the Philippines back in July 2013, after serving as Ambassador in Thailand and Laos in 2010-2012. He joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1999 after an 18-year banking career. His previous roles included Director of Asia for the UK Trade and Investment, then later as the head of the team in London which covers Britain’s foreign policy in ASEAN countries, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. As the British Ambassador to the Philippines, he has significantly contributed to the growing UK-Philippines relations.

SISFU was honored to have Ambassador Ahmad as the guest speaker during the 2016 Graduation Ceremony, where he shared his journey from humble beginnings to his successful career in banking and presently to the appointed British Ambassador to the Philippines. Underlining the values of education and life experiences has given him the eagerness to learn which has led him through a fruitful career.

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