FINISHING BRITISH DEGREE IN BUSINESS: Young artist Nikki Co on the Pursuit of His UK Studies

For Nikki Philipson Co, finishing his UK Degree through SISFU-Southville’s Online Blended Learning programme is a great opportunity as his show business career takes off.

“I was once a student of DLSU-Manila who took BS Computer Science in Network Engineering for three years before deciding to stop and focus on my career. I took up Online Blended Learning, majoring in Business Management in SISFU because I want to juggle my work with my studies. I work as an actor in GMA Network and the schedule is unpredictable, so going to an online school is the best way to manage my time. If you plan to take up OBL or are already taking it, you’ll have to keep reminding yourself of your ultimate goal. Mine was to learn and fulfill my promise to graduate. That pushed me every single time I was not feeling like doing my assignments. I already finished my Higher National Diploma in SISFU and am pursuing my Top-Up year at Arden University majoring in Finance. Everything is still pretty much online, so I have to keep myself motivated.”, he stated.

The Online Blended Learning programme becomes so important to Nikki, and it keeps him motivated that he has set a certain goal in his mind and that is to ultimately fulfill that he will graduate.

SISFU Southville - The Higher National Diploma (HND) program is BTEC Level 4 & 5 accredited through PEARSON, UK for undergraduate students, and is attainable in just two years with an additional 1-year Top-Up at a UK university of your choice. It covers the theories of business, specialized business functions, industry-specific expectations, and relevant practical skills that prepare its graduates for immediate employment. Students can study at their own pace with a flexible schedule and in their preferred environment. The coursework includes research output, projects, case studies, presentation, and academic writing to name a few. The OBL programme offers students a UK Diploma and Degree in just 2-3 years from the comfort of one’s home. SISFU-Southville is empowering a new generation of leaders to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow, on-campus and Online.

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