SISFU Anniversary: Celebrating 26 Years of Shaping the Future of Global Education

Last February, SISFU students, faculty and staff gathered in unity and diversity to commemorate its 26th anniversary. It was a day filled with festivities, collaboration, music, art, and talent as we looked back on the past years’ achievements and embraced harmony from the school’s diverse cultures.

Friendly competitions were held to celebrate the cultures of various countries - Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, the United States , China, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines - where all of our students, faculty and staff hail from to create the unique multicultural setting we enjoy on campus. Participants were dressed in traditional clothing and performed special numbers wherein the awards for best in costume and talent were given.

It was also a culinary experience as students from the School of Culinary Arts created delectable dishes that represented their assigned countries. It was a full sensory experience as the campus was also decorated in much flair and cultural diversity showing the different countries chosen.

SISFU recognizes the importance of fostering unity and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds and cultures worldwide. This is why the United Nations-themed celebration was a fitting choice to celebrate 26 years of pioneering transnational education in the Philippines.

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