Believe in the Power of Dreams

by: Tram Panaligan and Aiko Iwata

As the Supreme Court released the results of the 2019 Philippine Bar Exams, one individual in particular rose to the challenge and passed the exam with flying colours, because he believed in the power of dreams. This person is Attorney Fiel Aldous Evidente.

Known in school as Sir Fiel, a senior high school instructor in the country's premier and only transnational university in the Philippines, he shared his journey from his humble beginnings to now being an established academic and now a certified lawyer by the Republic.

From Humble Beginnings

Coming from the small barrio of Kaytitinga in Alfonso, Cavite. Becoming a lawyer was his childhood dream. He shared, “My mom used to work as a secretary of the only lawyer in our barrio back then. I thought he was doing an important job and so I wanted to become an attorney like him. He died in 1996 leaving our community without a lawyer and even more fueling my desire to replace him. Lo and behold, 23 years thereafter, the childhood dream finally came true. As far as I know, I just became the second lawyer in our community.”

What was his Secret?

The journey has been an uphill battle since he had to still fulfil his roles during his time as a law school student while working as a full-time employee and a part-time teacher.

His secret in juggling all these roles despite studying in law school is perseverance. Being driven by desire and having a sense of purpose allowed him to reach his dreams of becoming an attorney. According to him, “I persevered despite all the hardships because I wanted to get the degree and become a lawyer—for myself, for my family, for my community and society. It each my students in social sciences the concept of social mobility. This struggle to go up the ladder of social order is the compelling spirit that drove me. I did not come from a well-off family.If I want my kin to have a comfortable life, I have to rise a bit, and getting this degree and title might be a chance. Moving up the ladder of the society also allows one to lift others. I thought I would be able to give better service to society if I were to become a lawyer.”

What the Future Holds

Now being blessed with a beautiful wife and a prosperous career, his plans remain the same -- working and earning a living for his family. However, he shall be now pursuing his career as a lawyer. He has no plans on leaving the teaching profession because he believes that the two professions are not mutually exclusive. In terms of his plans, he plans on serving the public and working in the government sector as a lawyer.

Believe in the power of dreams and exhaust everything in your power to achieve them. Once you have given your best, lift it all to God and He will pour down blessings upon you.

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