Unique Route to the Finish Line: SISFU Holds the First Ever Online Commencement Exercises

by Darren Bautista

Friday October 30th is acknowledged as one of the most historic days for Southville International School affiliated with Foreign Universities. Their 20th Commencement Exercises were done for the first time online via Zoom. The ceremony was recognised as “Graduating Together: Overcoming and Succeeding Amidst the Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Live from the SISFU Campus, Programme Head of Senior High School, Mrs. Ailene F. Fulgencio and SGEN Director for Communications, Mr. Daniel William Steel, were the Masters of Ceremony for the prestigious event.

Dr. Caroline F. Mediodia, University Registrar, gave her Presentation of the Candidates for Graduation. Following after, SISFU President, Dr. Melva M. Diamante spoke for the Conferment of Degrees.

Then, Dr. Jerry A. Aguilar, VP for Academic Support and Marketing, announced the Presentation of Academic and Non-Academic awards, such as the Loyalty Award, Leadership Award, Distinguished Service Award, and each corresponding school’s Merit Awards.

A video recording of the Head of Pearson Asia, Mr. Allan Malcolm, was shown to the Graduation audience. He congratulated the graduates for facing the challenges of today, while overcoming and succeeding amidst the pandemic.

The video was a segway for Ms. Vanessa Kabigting, SISFU External Assessor for Pearson, to present the recipients of BTEC Higher National Diplomas in Business Management and Business Accounting & Finance. Highest Distinction Pearson Academic Achievement Awardees, Marc Icy Bautista and Ramon Joseph Bautista, then gave their motivating testimonies of their collegiate journies.

Next, graduating greetings were given by guests from the International College of Hospitality Management: Dr. George Brown, ICHM Principal, and Ms. Natalie Simmons, ICHM CEO.

Ms. Carol R. Pido, Faculty and Lead Internal Verifier, then took the lead to present the degree recipients for the Diploma of Hospitality Management and Bachelor of Business - Hospitality Management. Highest Distinction academic achievement awardee, Kenneth R. Loro, then gave his graduating testimony-- discussing his humble beginnings in Batangas to the current successful position he is in.

For the last Partner University, Mr. Ian Thomas, De Montfort University’s Dean International for the Faculty of Bus. & Law, spoke his personal congratulations. He stated that even under normal circumstances, these are memories you cherish for a long time and for those graduating this year, your memories will be even more special due to the factors we could never imagine.

Ms. Kimberley L. Pedge, SOBM Programme Leader, followed up and announced the awarding for: Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration and Management, BA Business Administration - Marketing, and different Class Honours.

Magna Cum Laude, Micah Rushiel S. Manjares, gave her heartfelt thanksgiving messages to her fellow classmates, family, and most importantly--God.

Summa Cum Laude, Jirah A. Aguilo, also gave her heartfelt response for graduates, staff members that were mentors, leaders, and inspirations to her, and God, as well.

Lastly, after repeating the alumni oath to be inducted into the Alumni Association, and singing the SISFU Hymn for the final time, all graduates could officially call an end to the historic Graduation Ceremony.

Congratulations to our fellow SISFU classmates for graduating. We wish you the best in your future endeavours!

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