Proud Graduates of De Montfort University(DMU) at SISFU

Nine of our very own Business students have just been awarded the highest honours in Management and Marketing by De Montfort University, U.K. for their excellent work during their final year with the University. The Business degree programme is delivered for DMU at Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU). 

On the 20th of August 2016, the students capped their achievement by graduating with top honours from the DMU School of Strategic Management and Marketing. The DMU programme is the culmination of a three-year study in business management and marketing, which started with the Higher National Diploma from Pearson Qualification (UK).

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - SISFU - De Montfort University Graduates

From Left to Right: Almero, Pamela Denise Lopez Galang Beatriz Ayra Beramo Herico, Karen Gil Magtoto Tanaleon, Samantha Joy Hinayon Ebihara, Karen Bobis Dr. Melva Diamante (SISFU President) Romualdez, Dara Ayn Querijero Mallorca, Marjory Silva Gonzales, Jenina Pascual, Mr. Amir Tohid (Associate Dean, School of Business and Computing)
Note: Pineda, Francesca Dominique Aglubat(not in the photo but included as first Class Honours)

According to the students, they are now much more confident to face the challenges of the global marketplace with the knowledge and skills they acquired from Pearson and DMU. They are all set to follow their chosen paths through the jobs they now have and are eager to start another milestone in their lives. Pamela Almero, summa cum laude, plans to go abroad for a stint with an international company before pursuing her studies in MBA. Dara Romualdez has been offered a job with an internet company even before she graduated. Karen Herico is set to go back to Dubai to join her father in the field of agribusiness Marjory Mallorca and Jenina Gonzales say that they are ready to make a mark in their family businesses. Beatriz Galang plans to go back to Oman and join the marketing department of an oil company. Francesca Pineda is leaving for the USA to work and Sam Tanaleon will pursue a masters degree in management after a time with a finance company. And Karen Ebihara, who achieved the highest grade during the final year under the DMU programme, will soon embark for further studies to become an academician. 

All of these new graduates expressed a deep sense of satisfaction with their experience at Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU), the ONLY school that offers BRITISH and AUSTRALIAN Degrees in the Philippines. THEY DESERVE OUR CONGRATULATIONS FOR A JOB WELL DONE, INDEED!

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