From a Parent’s Perspective: Forming Global Leaders and Champions through SISFU with Mr Allan Visitacion

by Tram Panaligan

“Education is a lifetime investment, and if you want to invest in your children’s dreams, then SISFU is just around the corner and a few steps away.”

Mr Albert Visitacion, more commonly known as Mr Allan Visitacion, is a visionary who has always seen the value of global opportunities and student-centred development. As a marketer, he has always championed SISFU as a beacon of international opportunities for young and gifted professionals. Currently he is a Broadcast Journalist at a major radio station and Professional Public Relations Specialist. For 25 years, he has fostered relationships and has mastered the art of building a brand and communicating to the public.

He has two wonderful and gifted children. Eriko Louise, a SISFU alumna who recently graduated from the International College of Hotel Management—an international partner that is based in Adelaide, Australia—and Jay Christian who is an incoming Hospitality Management student for the same international partner of SISFU. Both children are part of the SISFU Academic Scholars.

As a parent who wants nothing more than the best for his children, Allan discovered SISFU through its graduates who have deeply inspired him as well as through the effective marketing efforts of the school that enticed him to get to know the premier transnational university better. Being a man who knows how to spot a good brand in his vast experience in the field of media, he knew that he found the institution matched the ethos and goals of his children. SISFU was indeed the one for them since as he looked into the mission and vision of the school, he found that niche and strategic fit that allowed him to visualise the blending of his children’s character and the goals of the institution for its graduates.

“You don’t only look at the diploma, you also look into the culture of the school and its community, SISFU has its own unique culture, breed, brand, and environment.”

For him, the school not only builds around educating its students, but also forming a culture and a breed of honest, authentic, global young professionals who have a shared vision in excellence, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a lifelong growth and development programme for all students. Being impressed he knew what he was looking for and his children also seconding the motion and that has given substantial weight to his decision.

“SISFU became our home. I believe that knowledge and education is a home wherever you go.”

In the lens of a SISFU parent, Seeing your children grow to become successful individuals in their field is truly an amazing experience. Seeing how his daughter excelled in her studies while being mentored well by her professors—and even the dean!—with a global perspective whilst empowering students to build their own perspective and her mentors who have transformed into life coaches that constantly guide her in every step of the way. Now she has been working in many continents and has achieved a level of success that has greatly influenced her brother to attend the same university as he saw the institution has value for success and a lifelong journey of personal growth and development.

As we wrapped-up the interview, he ended with a message for all the parents of current SISFU students and those parents who plan to encourage their children to pursue higher education here at SISFU.

“SISFU is the right choice and investment for the future of my children.”

“I encourage you to introduce a global perspective to your children, for the future leaders of our country. SISFU is the right choice and right door to knock on. Join the league of successful graduates and satisfied parents.”

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