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by: Tram Panaligan and Darren Bautista

With a high voter turnout of 83.17%, the student body has chosen their next student leaders. The recent elections have come to an end and the victors have been declared. The TikTok Party won in a landslide against their opposition, the SANAOL Party.
The new batch of student leaders are ready to push their agenda, platforms, and advocacies for the student body.
Leading this vivacious, vibrant, and vocal group is President-elect Karol Josef V. Hojas, who believes that this incoming administration will ensure regular online meetings with students.

Their plan can be an outlet for relieving stress and anxiety caused by the current situation in the country, and around the world. When classes resume after any difficulties caused by the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), they aim to tackle peer mentoring and tutoring to help the students who struggled with online classes during the final term of the previous academic year.

Alongside the President-elect are his running mates --- who also won the vote of the student body --- Margaux Oruga (VP for Administration-elect), Trixie Amora (VP for Student Welfare-elect), Gwen Arnoco (VP for Student Organisations-elect), Erena Uechi (VP for Communications-elect), and newly re-elected VP for Finance, Layla Furuuchi, who will be serving her second term in the upcoming academic year.

VP for Administration-elect Margaux Oruga stated that there has always been chemistry amongst the party members allowing them to effectively work with each other.

According to her, “It has always been my passion to serve the people, to inspire people to become compassionate leaders and to become the voice of the student body”, befitting with their slogan: “We Tik the time to Tok to you.” (We take the time to talk to you).

VP for Communications-elect Erena Uechi was forced to step out of her comfort zone saying: “(It is) exciting because this is my first time being part of a student council and I really love trying new things. I like to challenge myself and I didn’t expect myself to join this campaign for election until someone talked to me about it. I also feel nervous since it’s my first time and I heard that Grade 12 will be more difficult than Grade 11, but I told myself that I will be more responsible with both academics and student council.”

In addition, the other candidates who are already seasoned politicians shared their sentiments in this election.

Re-elected VP for Finance Layla Furuuchi stated that: “As a previous officer of 2019-2020. I enjoyed serving the students and seeing them happy during events that we had. It encouraged me to serve them again, (for) SC has changed so many things in my life and the experience is amazing.”

Reflecting on changes and challenges, President-elect Josef Hojas tells: “It actually has been my 5th year running for office. This year’s campaign, however, has been a very different one for me.

It’s the first campaign I’ve been in that had to have everything happen online. This has proven very difficult and challenging, though with my party they’ve allowed (this campaign) to also be enjoyable and fun.”

Margaux Oruga, VP for Administration elect, also felt difficulties despite having a background in student politics. She states: “Winning actually feels surreal...throughout the whole campaign, it felt like a rush of adrenaline was constantly running through me.”

Trixie Amora (VP for Student Welfare-elect) & Gwen Arnoco (VP for Student Organisations-elect) believe the challenges during their terms will be supported by their strong mindsets.

Amora expresses: “I want to expand my borders in spreading love..It has been my dream to be part of the student council not only to grow and have the opportunity to develop my leadership skills but to also be able to serve my school through serving the students.

I believe I am ready to lead, motivate, equip and empower people to what will be of purpose. Not only as a student, but for the future.”

Relating with her fellow VP on leadership/empowerment, Arnoco says: “I joined SC as VP for Student Organisations because the purpose of the Student Council is to allow students to develop leadership skills by organising and carrying out school activities and service projects. I want to create activities wherein all of the students would enjoy next school year. We, the upcoming student council, want to unify our school and ensure that everyone has as much fun as possible all the while completing their academic works and after school activities.”

As the incumbent administration is coming to an end, outgoing Student Council President Kimberly F. Pal-et wishes to congratulate and laud all the candidates of the recent election and its winners with her inspiring message:

“All the candidates are deserving and competent. I’m excited for them because there’s so much to learn throughout the experience. I can see how they are motivated and they have the drive to serve the student body….I know there will be times where it gets hard, but they just have to remember that they are in the position because the students believe in them. They always have to remember their purpose at the end of the day. Most importantly, they just have to enjoy this experience because it’s really fun!!”

All winning candidates will assume office on the 1st of June, 2020.

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