Four Good Reasons to Choose De Montfort University

By Tram Panaligan and Roberth Ignacio

As a Higher Education Institution with over 150 years of history, De Montfort University (DMU) has always been at the forefront of education fit for the modern workplace and society. During that period, the former polytechnic has moulded students to become society’s changemakers and innovators. Along with their global partners in different regions around the world, DMU continues to shape minds both young and old to become the best versions of themselves.

Here are four good reasons why you should choose DMU.

1. DMU Offers a Plethora of Timely and Relevant Degrees

As of 2020, DMU offers degrees in Art, Design, Humanities, Business, Law, Health, Life Sciences, Computing, Engineering, and Media (De Montfort University, 2020). It is also known to be the first university to offer contour fashion—a programme dedicated to the design of intimate apparel—,with its degree being first established back in 1947 (De Montfort University, 2021). In addition, it is the only UK university that offers footwear design (De Montfort University, 2018).

DMU graduates are work-ready individuals who are career-focused and are exposed to the corporate world locally and globally through their coaching, training, internships, and overseas placements. The university achieves this by closely working with different industries to design engaging courses that will equip their students with the skills and experience that will accelerate their career and get ahead in a fast-paced and consistently competitive job market. (De Montfort University, 2017).

2. UK’s Unique Marking and Assessment System

Whilst most of us were accustomed to the Asian and American Grading System, De Montfort University—a university based in the United Kingdom—follows the distinct UK grading system, wherein students are marked from 0-100 depending on the quality of their work. Marks are classified into specific bands and these bands will determine their degree classifications upon graduation (Scholaro, 2021; Harrington, 2020).

Apart from this, students are provided with ample feedback to justify the marks given to them. In addition, the marks granted by the lecturers are always moderated by another colleague in the academe along with a rating on their performance in terms of grading assessments (Harrington, 2020).

3. DMU’s Prestigious International Partners in Different Continents

As previously mentioned, DMU has partnered with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) around the world to deliver their degrees to their international students.

Their Global Partnerships Unit (GPU) was set up in October 2017 to engage with international partners in pursuit of opportunities for in-country delivery of academic awards and progression arrangements. In addition to the current overseas Collaborative Partnerships, DMU has Progression; Articulation agreements with over 100 institutions across the world (De Montfort University, 2018).

As of 2020, there are currently over 2200 students now studying for a DMU award in places as far as Denmark (Niels Brock), Singapore (EAIM), Hong Kong (CityU SCOPE), Sri Lanka (AoD and SCOT), India (DCBS), and the Philippines (SISFU) (De Montfort University, 2020).

4. The Presence of Cultural Diversity among its Students and Faculty

With the university being situated in the city of Leicester, a cultural melting pot and one of the most multicultural cities in the United Kingdom (Patel, 2021), it is clear that its students and faculty are diverse.

De Montfort University has been clear about their stand and advocacy towards equality, diversity, and inclusion. The university considers applications solely on the basis of merit and ensures that all their facilities are accessible for people with disabilities. Teachers are also required to ensure that their student has equal opportunities regardless of their background (De Montfort University, 2019; Nazir, et. al., 2011).

De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has been named one of the most inclusive employers in Britain by Stonewall—an LGBT charity organisation—in its Top 100 Employers list for 2019 where DMU ranks 31st of 100. In the same year, DMU joined Working Families, a work-life balance charity. They help working parents, carers and their employers, find a better balance between responsibilities at home and in the workplace. Apart from these partnerships, DMU also provides in-house support (De Montfort University, 2019).

Now that you know more about De Montfort University, one thing is for sure—through the global education that the university provides, this will serve as one’s stepping stone on the path to becoming innovative entrepreneurs and game changing professionals that will become the pillars and movers of our society.

The best part is that even if DMU is on the other side of the world, you can experience its world class education here in the Philippines through SISFU. Now that’s a deal that is too good to pass up.

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