Summer Food Fiesta

Friday and Saturday, May 6 and 7, the Southville Global Education Network (SGEN), in two years, hosted an in-person Open House titled: Summer Food Fiesta, for incoming Senior High School and College students from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. With the event being in-person, in observance of the current minimum public health standards, the event was split into four batches with the programme lasting for four (4) hours per batch.

The event was hosted by Mr Marvin Marasigan, SISC PR/Marketing Specialist, and Mr Rory Mansbridge, SISFU Faculty for the Friday leg and Engr Peter James Agada, Southville Alumnus, for the Saturday leg—who warmly welcomed the interested students to the programme. To kick off the event, students were given the opportunity to tour the booths of each of the colleges of SISC and the other SGEN affiliated schools. To formally commence the event, a fervent prayer set the tone of the event.

With the programme in full swing, each batch was graced by opening messages from the members of the Southville management. Dr Victor C. Manabat, Director for External Affairs, graced the Friday Morning Session. In his speech he discussed that choosing a programme and a school for your college education is truly a huge ordeal. Many succumb to haphazard decision making and the feeling of being overwhelmed from all the choices. He recommends that students take time to discern and think as this is a crucial and vital chapter of their lives. This programme aims to help students better understand and help them decide.

For the afternoon session of the same day, Director for Southville Institute of Tourism, Dr Rene Aligonero, delivered the message on making the right decisions and determining as to which university fits their standards, similar as to how one would critically decide on which candidates to vote in the upcoming National Election on Monday.

For the Saturday leg, both Morning and Afternoon, Dr Ruben Norberte, Dean of Education, graced the occasion by delivering his opening message. In his speech he discussed the celebration of Southville when it comes to their students and faculty as well as those who plan to take part in the fun and tight-knit community. He also highlighted the value of quality international education in one’s career and development.

Following this, hit tunes were sung by Cypher, a band composed of SISC College Students. They served as the programme’s intermission number during the open house period.

After the intermission number, PR/Marketing Coordinator, Ms Michaela Campos, and PR/Marketing Specialist, Mr Marvin Marasigan, better explained what degrees, programmes, accolades, and accreditations the universities under SGEN (SISC, SISFU, and SSLC) offered and what to expect from them. Student testimonials were also provided to allow the students to better understand and capture the experience on the ground.

Icebreakers and games, courtesy and hosted by notable alumni from Asian Seed Academy of Technology (ASAT), followed for each batch with games ranging from Bring Me”—a game that asked the participants to bring a specific item; “Dugtungan”—a game that asks the participants to sing a new song based on the last word sung by the participant before; and “Paper Dance”—a game that asks participants to dance around and stand on a shrinking piece of paper in exchange for a prize. A game called “Pabitin” shortly followed that allowed select participants to grab some prizes that were suspended in the air through a bamboo trellis.

Quick university tours followed after this as students and staff members of each university showcased to the possible students the place where they could potentially stay for the next three or four years to complete their bachelor’s degree.

After the events and festivities, participants were provided with refreshments before the end of the session officially comes to a close. Participants were spoilt for choice as the offerings were aplenty and were able to satiate them after an eventful programme.

We laud the PR/Marketing teams of SGEN for organising this 2-day event. Truly, this is one of the strides of the education group towards the return to normalcy of social gatherings and events. We look forward to the future events of the education group.

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